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    #pr20chat nightcap: What’s your go-to social media stat?

    By Justin Goldsborough | June 29, 2010

    Welcome to #pr20chat nightcap, what I hope will become a weekly feature on Tuesday nights highlighting one of the questions from the evening’s chat. This week, the question my co-mod Heather Whaling (@prTini) and I asked that caught my attention the most was:

    “Whats your “go-to” stat or resource when explaining why companies should use social media?”

    Here are a few of the responses the #pr20chat community (full transcript) gave to this question:

    Why do I think this question is worthy of more discussion? Plain and simple…because of the questions that continue to remain around social media measurement. I don’t think they’re going away anytime soon. Therefore, clients and prospects; communicators and execs are always going to need the latest research to validate investing in online social and digital programs, aren’t they?

    Here are my two favorite stats, at least for this week:

    So what’s your go-to stat these days? Do you think you need one? Maybe the prospects/clients you pitch respond better to other information?

    The comments are yours…

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